Vladimir’s Exclusive “Forex Libra Code” Offer for 52 Traders Listeners

Right, so first the links to the free systems Vladimir mentioned in the show:

And the link to the special page where you can see his Forex Libra Code trades:

The Offer

You’ll get the 9 Forex Trading Robots (MT4 EA’s) that are currently available in the AutomateMyTrading.com shop (combined retail price $400 – see for yourself) if you order Vladimir’s Forex Libra Code following the instructions below.

Here are the EA’s you’ll get:


And here’s how it works:

  1. Simply order Forex Libra Code by the 6th November 2016 using the link below
  2. Send your Forex Libra Code receipt number to cam [at] 52traders.com
  3. If your receipt matches Vladimir’s records, I’ll send you access to the above EA’s straight away

Learn More Forex Libra Code

Order Forex Libra Code (1 Payment – Save 30%)

Order Forex Libra Code (2 Payments – 2 x $650)

Listen to My"Exclusive Interview" with Forex Trader Russ Horn + Get Alerts About the Forex Equinox Offer

Recorded just a few days ago on Friday 19th May 2017

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