He used “Market Imbalance” to Turn $20 into a Regular Income. Now You Can Learn From Him.

Unlimited one-on-one sessions with a full-time trader, 10 4 spots only


Here are the two main reasons new traders fail to make money:

1. They don’t know how to work the market

2. They don’t know how to control their emotions

It’s time to face those two challenges head on and finally quit the job you hate to live the life of your dreams.

“I cannot unsee what I saw.”

Andre Stewart

When Andre Stewart first tried to learn how to trade, he got scammed.

Not a great start.

From this…

To this…

He then took a few courses, started listening to the 52 Traders Podcast (was actually interviewed on it) and…

… Lost his job.  

At that difficult time, Andre made the brave call to trade full time.

He had the trading “know how” and this was his chance to use it.

He started trading with a $300 account. 

But… lost $280 of that during his first week.   

Why? Because he didn’t know how to control his emotions. The difference between him and most people who never see success on the financial markets is that he didn’t give up.

He took the $20 he had left and traded his way into a regular income and great standard of living – replacing his job, commute, and boss… all in the space of just a couple of months.

Now that Andre finally sees how it’s done, he can’t unsee it! You’ll feel the same way after working with him.

Take the best decision for your financial future!

Only 10 4 spots available.

Why this is “the” Training for Newbies…

 If you’ve never traded before or you have, but you consistently lose money…

The Internet is overflowing with people trying to sell you trading education, so why should you choose this one?

Here are a few reasons.

Individual Help

Everyone is different and the financial world tolerates this.

In any given moment, there are different investments you can choose to make and who’s to say which one of them is the best in the long run.

Andre Stewart believes in the uniqueness of each and every trader and supports that through creating a course with a thoroughly individual approach. He will address your personal weaknesses so that you can resolve them once and for all.

Unlimited Number of Sessions

You can learn it all in three sessions or it can take you ten — that’s fine either way.

Andre will be there for you whatever questions or concerns you may have.

There is no other mentoring like this — not just in Forex trading and financial markets, but in anything. You can use these sessions to discuss the practical or the psychological part of trading, your choice.

1:1 Session Sneak Peak

Psychological Perspective

The market is logical and it’s really not that hard to learn what to do, especially when you have a good mentor.

However, what is much more difficult is to fight your inner self-sabotaging instincts.

We relate to money on an emotional level — fears, anxieties, dreams, hopes, pain and pleasure all mix into one. To be successful, you need to learn to overcome these emotions and do the right thing, whether you like it or not. Andre will teach you how to do that.

Andre’s Profitable Strategy

This is where the technical part of it comes in.

With Andre, you’re going to study the behavior of price and learn how to analyze it; you’ll see his take on supply and demand zone trading and the way he uses high probability trade setups to make the best of virtually any financial market. You’ll also have immediate access to any and all strategies he comes up with in the future.

Private Room Access

You’ll have access to like-minded traders on your level.

You can get tips from traders who are doing better than you and give advice to those who are doing worse.

You can trade alongside each other and continue to learn new things daily.

High Probability Trades

Andre trades the 5 minute chart, looking for perfect setups on the 1 minute and confirmation on higher timeframes.

Customer Success

He almost made his investment back in 8 hours

One student (who joined Andre’s unlimited 1:1 mentor-ship) has virtually made his investment back (posting his 2 live trades taking just 8 hours). Only 20 days after joining his program.

See how he did it (click screenshot)…

Unbelievable Value for Money

You can learn the ultimate skill that will get you to
financial freedom for as little as…

Andre Stewart has invested thousands of dollars in his financial education and most people expect he would charge thousands too, especially considering he’ll only work with 10 students.

Those people are wrong. Andre Stewart’s amazing training for new or experienced traders requires nothing more than a one-time investment of $450.

That’s right, just $450 for individual attention, unlimited sessions, winning strategies, psychological help and more. If you were to take advantage of ten one-on-one sessions with Andre, that would come to $45 per session — less than what an inexperienced life-coach would charge.

People say it takes money to make money. What they fail to mention is that it doesn’t always take a lot of money. In this case, $450 will do.


YES! I want to be one of the 10 people who’ll get IMMEDIATE ACCESS to Andre’s amazing training for as little as $450.

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